American Gothic

A fresh take on Grant Wood’s iconic Painting, American Gothic:

Nick Loven
Nick Loven, Pauline Loven, Chris Roberts
Crispin Foster
Marina Foster
Simion Foster
Louie Foster
Josie Foster
Danielle Foster
Jordan Laing
Pauline Loven, Orchard House Wardrobe
Hair and Makeup
Emily Johnson
Filmed at Ashby Hall
Thanks to:
Keith Loven
Eran and Linda Bauer
Bryony Jackson
Christian Knutsson
Martha Milne
Jessica Strom, American Gothic House Center

The videos

The Mona Lisa and American Gothic short videos, as well as being (we hope) amusing, illustrate the themes of Imagination Potential and Intellectual Property. Please click on the relevant tab to see the video again and to read a short article on how these themes are connected, both with each other and with the story in each video.  They were made by Crow’s Eye Productions, a specialist video making company from Lincoln.  See the Links for their web site.

American Gothic House (photo courtesy of the American Gothic House Center)